Black beard Fire Plugs

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3 Black Beard Fire Starters

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  •  3 Black beard Fire Starters 
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The Pirates Plunder

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  •  4 Black Beard Fire Starters ($48 Value)
  • ​1 Fire Kit Organizer - ($25 Value)
  • ​1 Black Beard Ferro Rod - ($18 Value)
  • ​1 Black Beard Velcro Patch - ($5 Value)
  • ​1 Plasma Arc Lighter - ($30 Value)
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The Captain’s Loot Kit

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  • 3 Black Beard Fire Starters - ($36 Value)
  • ​1 Fire Kit Organizer - ($25 Value)
  • ​1 Black Beard Ferro Rod - ($18 Value)
  • ​1 Black Beard Velcro Patch - ($5 Value)
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3 Sticks

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  •  3 Black beard Fire Starters 
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The Pirates Plunder

$126.00 $74.95


  •  4 Black Beard Fire Starters ($48 Value)
  • ​1 Fire Kit Organizer - ($25 Value)
  • ​1 Black Beard Ferro Rod - ($18 Value)
  • ​1 Black Beard Velcro Patch - ($5 Value)
  • ​1 Plasma Arc Lighter - ($30 Value)
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The Captain’s Loot Kit

$84.00 $54.95


  • 3 Black Beard Fire Starters - ($36 Value)
  • ​1 Fire Kit Organizer - ($25 Value)
  • ​1 Black Beard Ferro Rod - ($18 Value)
  • ​1 Black Beard Velcro Patch - ($5 Value)
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5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Black Beard Fire Plugs

The Must Have Fire Tinder for Any Outdoor Activity or Emergency Kit

Regardless if you’re lighting a fire for cooking, barbecuing or for warming you up out in the wilderness, you always need quality tinder. 

You need in in your emergency kit, in your car, in your cabin, or in your backpack when going on a trip... because sometimes it’s a vital consumable.

The truth is, there are all sorts of fire starts... but is there any that can start a fire, anywhere, at any time, in any conditions?

Yes, there is one, the Black Beard Fire Plugs, and here are the main 5 reasons why we think you’ll love them:

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1.  Because they work. Yes, the main reason would be because these fire plugs are effective and efficient and get the job done, unlike other fire plugs that don’t work under all conditions, temperatures or weather.

2.  They’re waterproof. Yes, you rarely use water in the same sentence with fire, unless you’re putting out the fire with it... Well, it’s not the case for the Black Beard Fire Plugs. You can still light the fire with them even if it’s raining and the plugs got wet.

3.  They’re windproof. You don’t need to be sheltered by walls or rocks to light a fire. Even if you’re a on windy coast, on a rainy day, and you can’t even light up your cigar, the Black Beard Fire Plugs will start your fire.

4.  It doesn’t cost a fortune! Let’s be 
honest, how much would you pay for setting up a fire and getting warm, when you’re all wet and cold on the top of a mountain? 
Or how much would you pay for it when you’ve invited guests for barbeque and they awkwardly watch how you struggle to light up the fire... trust us, you’d pay a lot. 

Well, for Black Beard Fire Plugs, you don’t need to, as they’re reasonably priced and ON SALE!

5.  30-Year Shelf Life.
You don’t have to check the expiration date every time you go on a hike or on a trip. You know that once you bought them, they'll last for 3 decades...

We could go on for hours with the reasons why you need this in your life, but let’s see what an actual person who uses them, feels about it:

Hi! I’m Mike, I love hiking, and these fire plugs are a must have! 

Usually, when we’re about the camp, we start looking for a place to spend the night because we know, starting the fire can sometimes be time-consuming. 
And that’s a best-case scenario because sometimes it’s nearly impossible to set up the fire due to the weather.

Yes, sometimes we go to sleep wet, without a fire, and end up eating just some cold snacks.

It alters the experience a little bit, but as I said... sometimes it’s nearly impossible to light a fire, especially when it’s windy or rainy.

Black Beard Fire Plugs changed that. Since using them, we can camp, anywhere, at any time, and light up a fire almost instantly.

Since using these high-quality fire plugs, we never spent the night wet, cold, or without eating warm food.

I can honestly say that it makes hiking a ton more enjoyable.

The best part? Unlike most fire plugs, these are eco-friendly, which matters the most for us, hikers!

I strongly suggest all hiking enthusiasts start using Black Beard Fire Plugs. In fact, everyone should have a bag of them in their homes, cars, and emergency kits... because you never know when you need them. "

How Does It Work?

  • Bend the plug back and forth twice.
  • ​Work the Plug in a circular motion until it breaks into 2 pieces.
  • Apply spark or flame to the frayed side of the Plug.
  • ​Enjoy your warm fire! 
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Each Bag of Black Beard Fire Plugs contains a total of 50 Fire Plugs the overall weight of the bag and its contents is 4.5 ounces or 128 grams. Each individual Fire Plug weighs a little under 0.1 ounces or about 2.6 grams. The size of the bag is 7"x5"x2"


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What Makes Black Beard Fire Plugs Special?

Wind Resistant & Water Proof

We understand that one of the most important aspects of being outdoors is staying warm! 

That is why the folks at Black Beard have hand crafted a fully dried material that is both water & wind resistant, and convenient in size and weight!

Non-Toxic & Odorless

They start with fully dried and braided cotton rope and infuse it with our special blend of odorless, non toxic waxes and oils. 

This treatment process allows our product to be completely safe to handle while being an extremely efficient and simple fire starting aid.

35 Year Shelf Life

One of the best features of the Black Beard Fire Plugs is that they last for 35 years!

Our unique blend of materials is guaranteed to not evaporate, deteriorate or dissipate for 35 years and is designed to light up every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do Black Beards Fire Plugs have an expiration date? 

One of the biggest advantages of Black Beard Fire Plugs is that they have a 35 year shelf life! Our unique blend is designed to light up every time no matter what. The special blend that we use has been proven to NOT evaporate, deteriorate or dissipate for up to 35 years.

 How do you extinguish a Black Beard Fire Plug? 

Black Beards are waterproof as well as windproof, however, the fire that they create is not. The initial fire created from  Black Beard Fire Plugs can be extinguished by either smothering or dousing the fire with water.

 Where are Black Beard Fire Plugs made?

Black Beard Fire products are made in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA! We are very proud to manufacture our products here in America using 100% American made materials and ingredients. 

 Are Black Beards Fire Plugs Toxic? 

Black Beard Fire Plugs are completely safe to handle and made with non-toxic ingredients. However when burning and when burning anything else in general, you do not want to inhale the fumes as those are to certain levels toxic.

 How long do Black Beard Fire Plugs take to ship? 

Most orders ship out the same or next day. With the "covid 19" Delays and shipping ports not operating at full capacity your order may be delayed. Most orders are shipped through USPS, after your order has been dropped off at post office Black Beard Fire has no control of delivery time.

 Will Black Beard Fire Plugs self ignite? 

No, they will not self ignite. Black Beard fire plugs have a very high flashpoint. In order for a Black Beard to light, it will need a spark or flame.

 How do you store Black Beards? 

Black Beard plugs store best in inside the provided bag in a cool dry place. When storing Black Beards Fire Plugs in a hot car they may become soft and leave behind a small oil looking mark.

 How many fires can a Black Beard Fire Plugs Make? 

Each Black Beard Fire Plug is designed to light a single fire. Each bag contains 50 plugs. AKA a lot of fires!

 I have a lighter, why do I need Black Beard Fire Plugs?

A lighter/matches/ferro rod is mainly an ignition source designed to be used in short bursts of time. Black Beard fire plugs are wind resistant and waterproof, easy to light with a great burn time fuel source. When you add kindling on top you can light it easier. Imagine holding your lighter/match under a pile of sticks to light versus letting the fire plugs do all the work. Being waterproof and having a total burn time of at least 5 minutes, Black Beard fire plugs work perfectly to light a fire in any weather or condition.

 Are Black Beard Fire Plugs the same as char cloth?

Believe it or not, Black Beard Fire Plugs aren’t charred at all, that way they have a much longer burn time! Plus they are resilient to the elements.

 Can I cook over a Black Beard Fire Plugs? 

We start with 100% cotton mixed with a specialized blend of waxes. Being a fire tinder it should be completely burned off before your cooking process starts. And as always never breathe in any fumes from anything burning.

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The Black Beard Arc Lighter is a one of a kind must have gadget. With its brand new technology, feel free to throw away your old gas lighters that don't even work with the slightest wind, water or need to be refueled. That's right, our Black Beard Arc Lighters are Waterproof Windproof and Rechargeable.

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